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Each month you can order a short story on the themes of love, beauty, healing, memory, magic, miracles, and hope. Options for a monthly print edition or pdf or a year's subscription of 12 print stories or 12 pdfs, delivered once a month

This first story is about how Grandmother's green thumb inspired Connie to help her  community. 

Grandma had two gardens, one in front that was well-tended and one in back that was wild. She was saved from scandal by strict self-discipline and Connie parents are happy to have her enforce the rules with their willful child. But Grandma also gives Connie a safe space for her creative imagination to explore. Connie was a rebellious teen who became a single mom. When she renovates a home falling part from neglect, new life blooms for her and her son.  

22 pages

When Connie walks into the house where the realtor is waiting for her, she is dismayed at how dilapidated it is and how much work it will take to get it in shape. The paint is peeling off the facade, the front steps are broken, the floors scuffed, the window in the upstairs bedroom cracked, the ancient fixtures in the bathroom rusty. “The house has good bones,” the realtor coaxes her. 

--excerpt from Grandmother's Garden

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